loving the questions.

be patient toward all that is in your heart.

Laurel, or Gin
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Required music nerd bit... here's my last.fm chart (i.e. my most recent iTunes tracks...):

alan zweibel, albus dumbledore, alice in wonderland, almost famous, ari hest, barenaked ladies, beck, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben folds five, ben folds rapping, ben gibbard, ben harper, ben kweller, ben lee, billy joel, blazing saddles, blues brothers, blues guitar, bob dylan, boy meets world, bridget jones's diary, bright eyes, bubble baths, buddy holly glasses, bunny bunny, calexico, cameron crowe, charlie kaufman, chris walla, classic snl, coldplay, colin firth, collaging, conan o'brien, concerts, counting crows, dave rygalski, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dixie chicks, dominic monaghan, eisley, elliott smith, elton john, elvis costello, eric hutchinson, ewan mcgregor, ferris bueller's day off, fidge, film, folk rock, frank sinatra, fresh tracks music, garden state, gene wilder, gilda radner, gilmore girls, good omens, harry potter, high fidelity, homestar runner, horseback riding, i heart huckabees, i love the 70s/80s/90s, imogen heap, indie, iron and wine, jack johnson, jamie cullum, jazz, jeff buckley, jenny lewis, jess mariano, jet, jim carrey, jimi hendrix, john cusack, john mayer, john mayer trio, johnny cash, johnny depp, jon stewart, joni mitchell, knitting, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, lost, mark ruffalo, maroon 5, mel brooks, monty python, moulin rouge, nada surf, neil gaiman, new radicals, nick drake, nick hornby, norah jones, north central college, old disney, peter pan, photography, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, pony of the americas, relient k, rilo kiley, ron weasley, rufus wainwright, running, ryan adams, scrubs, sleepless in seattle, smoking popes, snow patrol, sufjan stevens, tea, teitur, the beatles, the bens, the coffeehouse, the daily show, the decemberists, the marauders, the new pornographers, the postal service, the princess bride, the producers, the rolling stones, the shins, the shins' lyrics, the shoebox project, the smell of books, the weasley boys, the who, tom petty, topher grace, travis, weezer, when harry met sally, wilco, writing, xtc, you've got mail, young frankenstein, zach braff