Nothing much to update on here...spent the last week or so going to see Sarah and Meg at the Fair, which was fun. Also have been cleaning stalls, working in the barn and doing other various...normal, summertime things. I haven't ridden or done anything really exciting. Did some school shopping. The clothes and putting collages on folders was fun. Thinking about school was not. I'll not talk about that anymore.

Calling Sarah tomorrow to have a possible 13 Going on 30 collaging/hanging out party. Hopefully Al and Meg will want to collage (or something) soon. Have a show in Sterling this weekend. Hum.

Am very sunburnt and have chapped lips. That's about all. Oh, and I'm very, very, painfully full of brownies and pizza. I'm such a pig. It's gross.

That's about all. Going to go find chapstick and sit in the massage chair now. Hurrah.


New AIM name


I have a new AIM screenname: staying gin

Add me, if you wish. :)

You can view my new, updated LJ Info Page now as well.
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JM Concert #3, "The girl of my dreams gets in her car and drives home..."

Well, I was going to wait to write my concert entry until Scotty posted his Road Journal, so I could use the set list to help my memory and I could write absolutely everything in here, but I guess I'll just have to do without the setlist for now, because I don't want to wait any longer. XD

The concert was absolutely amazing. My favorite so far.

Let's see what I can remember: He played a mix of things...he opened with Clarity, which was lovely. He played an awesome Blues song cover. I don't know what the song was, but I loved it. At one point he said, "So funky you can smell it!", which was hilarious, because I'm sure he got that from Buddy Guy, which just rocks. The Blues solos were especially brilliant at this concert, and at one point I had the thought that my 'brain was buzzing'- the electric guitar was so loud and just...fabulous. The phrase sounds insane, but it made so much sense then.

I remember Bigger Than My Body, Wonderland and Why Georgia particularly because of how awesome the audience was. The singing was so loud it echoed. And one of John's guitar players...I'm not sure which one, I think he's new...sang some of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) during Wonderland, which rocked completely, and then he got the audience going on that, John started a guitar solo and the guy started singing another part...it was amazing.

He and this same guitar player did an awesome guitar trick where he played John's guitar and John played his, but while they were still on the other person's body...the guy wrapped his arms around John and John twisted his backwards and played behind his back...it was so freaking awesome, I just gaped.

Jeez, what else. John played Only Heart and Something's Missing, I remember. Oh! And My Stupid Mouth, which he had a really cute intro for: "I bring this song to life every day." And he stopped in the middle and kind of 'quit', which was cute. And he changed the ending from "I'm never speaking up again" to "Oh, yes I will..."

The encore was amazing. John came out and played an acoustic version of Home Life which was awesome, because that's such an electrically driven song on the album and he just made it...jam. It was so cool. Then he played Comfortable. I nearly fainted. I really did. I screamed so loud after I heard the first three chords...it was so surreal, I was trying to remember every single second of it. Then, for the last song of the encore the awesome guitarist came back out and they played an acoustic Neon, which is always great. Neon sounds so crisp and tight on an acoustic. The guys looked awesome, sitting in two metal chairs, stomping their feet and playing. It was fun to watch.

John did his usual jumping around, and he played on the neck of the guitar from the top at one point, which was cool...let's see, what else? Oh, John changed "distinguish Miles from Coltrane" in Comfortable to "you could distinguish me from Jack Johnson"...XD

John was great, he was in a cute mood, and grinned when the crowd was bellowing (we were so loud) the lyrics to Why Georgia and Wonderland. He commented a few times on how great the crowd was, so that was really fun.

He didn't say as many cute things as usual. He talked about playing to the people who could only see him from the monitors, about how summer shouldn't be over and how Daughters is really a "man's song." XD I think that's about all. I'll think about it tonight and post in the second entry anything I forget.

It was brilliant. So much fun. Because of the time of year, and the time we saw him last year, it just seems like a JM concert has begun to usher out summertime in my mind. But in a kind of cool way.


PS - There was a beautiful full moon and it was a perfect concert night. ...I just wanted to remember that too. XD :)
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Hello again.

I am a slightly dull person.

I made Sam a toy out of twine and water bottles. He loves bottles. He's already mutilated it...he's so cute.

Ted died yesterday. He was a brilliant cat. And a good friend. He will be missed very much.

Sarah is coming out to make Shortcake tomorrow. And I'll try to collage. But I'm afraid I've run out of things to collage with. Sigh.

Not much else going on. Enjoying being home but being very bored and not in a good mood. Hum.
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Home again, home again.

Home. Hurrah.

Tennessee was hot and tiring. But it was fun to have Sarah there, and there were some awesome moments....we got pictures taken with Mia and I got one with Sam and Tom that should be cute. I'm really looking forward to getting those, but apparently it could be an eight-week wait. So bleh.

As far as the actual show goes, Sam was a very good boy. We had some lovely rides. I am very happy, as are Mum, Dad and Tom. So hurrah. The judges were very odd however, as most everyone agreed. Though I did make a few cuts and place under 2 of the 3 in one final.

Not much else to say about my 11-day awayness. I missed home, my own bed, my shower, air conditioning and cleaness.

I'm excited about starting Abhorsen tonight. I had a lovely bubble bath and feel much better. The JM concert is coming up, Sarah and I have plans for scapbooking and Strawberry Shortcake making upon our return home, as well as getting our school IDs for next year (sigh), and I hear Em is looking at puppies. I shall have to check up on that!

It's great to be home. :)


PS - Have been invited by Local 83, JM Fanclub, to go to Soundcheck for concert. I'm the only one allowed to go, however....I'm torn. What should I do? Thoughts?
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AL's Meme.

I liked this, and AL made it so...

What OotP Character Are You? by creednick
Your Character:Ginny
You Secretly Support:Dumbledore's Army
You Will Die:At 62...Of Food Poisoning.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

It was a good day.
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Deleted earlier entry. Sorry if it made anyone feel awkward.

Today was a good day. Had an awesome time with Sarah town. We bought CD's and books and bookmarks and talked about HP and...it was really, really lovely. And I have the shorts now! It's great!

And I got to talk to Meg, and soon Al, and I think we're going to be okay. I'm really, really thankful for that. :)

I'll make another post before we leave for Tennessee....geez, it's been crazy.



Goodness, I'm tired.

Only good part about today is Mia won her class and $100.

Bad things about today:

*Someone backed into our trailer and dented it when it was in the parking lot and didn't leave a note.
*It was horribly, horribly hot.
*I had a horrible, break-downy day.
*I feel icky about it.

More good things because I need to be optimistic:

*The vet will take Missy and he seems nice and good and things.
*The judge was horrible, so it makes leaving early seem less bad.

Okay. Getting up at 4:30 am is bad. I'm exhausted. Tomorrow, of the sake of my sanity and heart and mind and EVERYTHING - PLEASE BE A GOOD DAY. And no tornadoes on the way or in Tennessee please, God, because....I don't like them.

Good night.

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Poetryish Freewrites.

I was looking at these earlier, and decided to post them. I never put things like this on here, and it's something different. I should post things like this too, it represents the time just as much as listings of events do. You don't need to read them, they're kind of for my personal benefit. They're both late-night freewrites...pretty much all the writing I do anymore. They make sense to me, I have no idea how they would seem to anyone else. Don't judge them, please. They're just...what's the phrase?...streams of consciousness.

Freewrites.Collapse )
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