Hello, I'm home.

Home. Hurrah. Weekend was what they call "kind of crap." But I think I've kind-of recovered. And Meg had a really good weekend, so I'm happy for her. I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME.

More later? Maybe. Right now I'm going to go read the new EW because Johnny Depp is on the cover for Finding Neverland!
Hello. Would you like to go to Garden State on Friday, instead? Because I don't have to babysit anymore.


So, give me a call or something.

Friday or Saturday. It matters not to me. You can see it when you come over, of course! When will that be? Call me. Or I will call you. ...or something.
Are you feeling better than at the show? I feel better tonight but I took a nap after I wrote that. How's your purse going? Mine is kinda sloppy, but that's okay, I guess. I'll bring it to Lys's or something. I was wondering, though, do you know what she's making for a main dish? I'm not sure what to bring. I'm also not sure what to wear, exactly...can I maybe borrow that dress back just for the night or something? I better go, but talk to you later.
I do feel a little bit better than at the show...still kind sickish, though. My purse is definitely going (it's almost done)...I think it's going to be pretty cute. Crossing my fingers. You should definitely bring yours to Lys' - I want to see it. And I'll bring mine too. I don't know what she's making for her main dish...I was going to call her tonight or tomorrow, because apparently (according to Al) we're supposed to bring something. I think I'll just ask her what she wants me to bring. If she won't say I'll make something easy. As far as what to wear...Al and I were kinda thinking we didn't want to dress up too much, so we're just going to wear skirts or something relative and look cute. You can definitely borrow that dress back for as long as you like (I'm not even sure it'll fit me anymore, like I said...) Just call and come over. You can borrow anything else I'm not wearing as well, if that one doesn't work out. Talk to you later!