sexy new layout

Thanks to a 30-day trial of adobe photostop elements 2.0 I have the capability to make layouts again! Woo! So, here's my sexy new layout that's been a long time coming. XD
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the luck

swashandbuckle3: omg! you'll never guess! ari hest is going to be at IWU on friday september 17th, a free show open to the public in the hansen student center! we are going! i do not care! we are going! oh what a glorious day!!!!!!

Does it just figure that I have a stupid freaking horse show in Decatur that weekend?! WHY!?
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simple suggestion

If you still haven't bought John Mayer's as/is, there's still hope for you. You can buy Ari Hest's new album, Someone to Tell. Do it. At least check out his website (link above) and listen to the first three tracks of the disc. If you still don't want to buy after that...there's no hope for you.

So, Lys' party was really fun. It was great to see all the girls together and...everything. Besides getting locked in the bathroom (XD), it was really great. Sarah and I were a bit terrified by the ride home, but it'll make a great story in a week or so.

Sarah's coming out later to collage and eat shortcake and watch Chocolat. Tomorrow we're going to see Garden State. Very exciting.

This weekend should be really great.
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Today will be a good day. I'm going to try calling Sarah again (her line's been busy) about coming over because 1) my mom made strawberry shortcake, 2) does she want to cook here before leaving? and 3) taping the equestrian individual stadium jumping? ...

Mom's helping me make a pasta salad thing to take to Lys' tonight. Still don't know what I'm wearing...Hm.

Not much else to say. This entry has become pointless as Sarah just signed on AIM.

I'll go now.
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Hello, I'm home.

Home. Hurrah. Weekend was what they call "kind of crap." But I think I've kind-of recovered. And Meg had a really good weekend, so I'm happy for her. I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME.

More later? Maybe. Right now I'm going to go read the new EW because Johnny Depp is on the cover for Finding Neverland!

Coming off all pompous.

From my beautiful new word book, here are a few words for the day (XD):
Parley (PAHR lee) n. a conference, especially between enemies Now we know how to spell it. XD
And now a real one…
savoir faire (SAV whah FAIRE) n. ability to say and do the right thing at the right time

So, you should go buy by going here. For your musical growth and enjoyment. You really should. It's good for you.

So, today was a good day. Bought fabric for my bag. Rode. Cleaned stalls. Dad's birthday tomorrow.

Maybe another update later?
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Never considered myself alone.

I really wish some theatre around here would get around to showing Garden State. ...Grr.

So, anyway, I'm very bored. And I wanted to post that link and whine that I'm being deprived of...something.

Anyway, had fun today. Collaged with Meg and Al and rode Sam. Tomorrow I hope to see Sarah and do much of the same. Or perhaps we could make a trip to downtown...House of Funk? Mom wanted to visit Other Ports again anyway...Hum.

That's all. Night!

PS - This is for Sarah.
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